Canada MSBs – Retail Payments Activities Act (RPAA)

Canadian MSBs Head to Montana for Simpler Regulations under RPAA

Canadian Money Service Businesses (MSBs) with international operations are increasingly choosing Montana as their base due to the new “Retail Payment Activities Act (RPAA)” in Canada. The RPAA introduces stricter regulations for MSBs, including registration with the Bank of Canada.

These changes, while intended to strengthen oversight, also mean more compliance paperwork and potential licensing hurdles for MSBs. For those juggling international operations, the added complexity can be a burden.

Montana, on the other hand, offers a simpler regulatory environment. As the only US state without state-level MSB licensing, it relies solely on federal oversight by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN). This streamlined approach is attractive to Canadian MSBs seeking to avoid the more rigorous requirements under the RPAA.

The long-term impact on both the Canadian and US financial systems remains to be seen. Canada might see a decrease in the number of MSBs, while Montana could experience an increase.

The RPAA is prompting a shift in the regulatory landscape for MSBs. Montana’s approach has emerged as a viable option for Canadian MSBs seeking a more streamlined regulatory environment.

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