What services can I offer with a Montana MSB?
A Montana MSB can offer cryptocurrency exchange services, money transmission (payment services), foreign exchange dealing (forex) and more. You can widen your range of permissible activities even more by adding for example a Swedish Trust Company to your financial structure, see www.swedishtrust.se for full details.
How about Cryptocurrencies?

Certainly! Crypto Exchanges in the US are generally regulated specifically as Money Service Businesses under the US Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and FINCEN supervision. 

How about AML/CFT compliance?

The Montana MSB is registered with FINCEN as Supervisory Authority for AML/CFT purposes. As a Regulated Provider, the MSB needs extensive AML/CFT compliance policies with regards to KYC, Suspicious Transaction Reporting, Risk Assessments etc. Our MSB Companies come complete with the required AML/CFT policiy documentation.

Are there annual MSB renewal fees?

Only for Registered Agent and Registered Office address. FINCEN is not charging annual license or registration fees. 

Are there Residency Requirements?

No, a Montana MSB can be formed with owners of any nationality and resident anywhere in the world. 

Are MSB services not limited to Montana only?

No, Montana puts no restrictions on where you can offer services nor are you required to offer any services in/within Montana. However, if you would target other specific jurisdictions, e.g. other US states, you would likely trigger state license requirements there. See our MSB Resources section for more information. 

How much time to launch a new MSB?

Processing time for the formation of a new Montana MSB with the name of your choice is 3-4 weeks. We also have existing off-the-shelf entities for sale from time to time.  Deployment time for the EBANQ White Label Banking Software is 24-48 hours.

Can a Montana MSB be verified online?

Yes, please visit our Resources section for links to the site where you can verify the FINCEN MSB registration status.

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